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1-a set of two shock absorbers with pre-installed medium springs.2-125 mm eye to eye length.3-a set of hard Springs (Free).4-a set of white SHARKSET plastic covers (Free).total weight 1 kg.


1- This EXA KIT has less travel compared to the original SHARKSET Coil Spring Shock Absorber. The travel movement is 10-12 mm. 

2-This item has no refund policy.

3- All SHARKSET products are declared at 20$. From July 1st a new has come to effect and SHARKSET customers have to pay import duty tax. This bill will be issued by FedEx /TNT/ UPS to you and it will be issued based on the declared value of 20$. 



EXA 291 Hydraulic Shock Absorber compatible with SHARKSET

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