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About Us

Quality, Creativity and
Innovation are our DNA

SHARKSET MOBILITY is a knowledge-based startup company that has a two-step development plan. Step one focuses on the design and development of modules for quality electric scooters such as NINEBOT, XIAOMI, INOKIM, ZUKBOARD/XERIDER EFLEX, and DUALTRON scooters. We offer suspension modules, controllers, and tune-up services for all major brands available in the market. Ultimately, SHARKSET develops its own PREMIUM ELECTRIC SCOOTER a plan that has been completed up to 70% as of September 2020. 

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Dr. Farahbod. M , Founder

Farahod. M is the founder and product developer at SHARKSET. Farahbod holds a Ph.D. degree in Construction Project Management and served as the former CEO of ZUKBOARD. In 2016, Farahbod moved to China. He designed and developed ZUKBOARD CITY/XERIDER EFLEX, which rose to fame and got recognition for its handling, smooth mobility and modular design. The idea of SHARKET came to fruition in 2020 when research proved that the marketplace had a demand for premium quality electric scooters and the electric scooter community demand modular kits for tuning electric scooters.


Chen Yilin, CEO & Co-Founder

Chen Yilin is the Co-Founder and CEO at SHARKSET. Yilin obtained a bachelor's degree in English translation from Jilin University of China. She also holds an MBA degree in Marketing.
Yilin joined the industry in 2015 as a sales and marketing manager at Wuxi Putian Iron Core Co., Ltd. She later joined Jiangsu Xinwei Power Technology Co., Ltd, the brushless motor supplier of Ninebot and Xiaomi electric scooters. With her vast experiences in sales and marketing, strategic planning, and supply chain management, she decided to set up SHARKSET where the focus is the design and development of premium quality electric scooters, modules and accessories for major branded electric scooters.

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