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48V 20.8 Ah 18650 battery pack.

Dual Motor set up.

Each motor is 1200 W rated and 1400W at peak.

25A per controller (FOC tuned controller)

Aluminum Alloy Forged and Low Pressure casting with T5/6 heat treatment components.

Tubeless Tires

NFC tag key

Max speed 58 km/h

Both front and rear lights with multiple side light reflectors.

Embedded LCD display.

Front and rear coil springs shock absorber (hydraulic shocks as option).

Front and rear hydraulic disk brake.


$2,299.00 Regular Price
$1,899.00Sale Price
Expected to Ship Two weeks After Pre-Ordering
  • We don't accept returns and refunds as the shipping fee for this item is significantly expensive we are not able to accept any returns or refunds. All electric scooters sold online are considered sold without any returns or refunds policies. However, we are offering a 1 year warranty for every single part of the SHARKSET RS1 electric scooter.

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