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📢📢The part is for FREE and you are required to pay a small amount of SHIPPING FEE. For European shipment SHARKSET bears all import duty tax fees and you will not pay any tax.

Do i need this steering fork tube upgrade?

Yes! If you modded the speed and your scooter goes faster than 30 km/h

Yes! If you fall into deep potholes often at maximum speed.

How to know if my suspension kit needs this upgrade?

1- If your suspension kit comes with the LED light kits then your Steering fork tube is the old version and you PROBABLY NEED this upgrade

2- If your Suspension kit comes with a bronze color shock absorbers and black color springs then you are using the latest version and YOU DON'T NEED this upgrade.

ANY QUESTIONS? WhatsApp us 008613105687275.

Package includes:

1- Steering Fork Tube X 1 pc

2- Flat head M8 screws X 4 pcs

📢📢📢Note: This new steering fork tube is a unibody design and stronger that the stock one.

In order to dismantle the old one you MUST heat up the four flat head botls and melt the heavy duty loctite and only then you will be able to unscrew the botls.

Never Unscrew the bolts without pre-heating proces. You will make the screws rounded if you don't heat up the screws very well.

If you don't have hot air heat gun, then use direct fire flame such as gas stove or heavy duty lighters.

Reinforced Steerer Fork Tube ONLY for LED version( Free Part)

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